3 Reasons Why MSPs Aren’t Thriving on Social Media

Social media marketing looks so simple, doesn’t it? Take a few pictures, create videos and share content whenever possible.

If things were that easy, Powered Services Pro and third-party marketing agencies wouldn’t exist. Creating engaging content for your audience takes a lot of hard work and discipline. However, while you’re putting in the time, you may be focusing on the wrong things.

If you aren’t seeing the value in social media, there may be a few mistakes you’re making.  

You’re trying to buy relationships.

Social media is a two-way street, and many MSPs forget that. The more you give, the more you get back. If you’re constantly pitching your services and solutions on LinkedIn for example, your connections will take notice and then lose interest. Instead, add value to your communities. Think about what you can contribute to make a difference in your connections’ lives. While you may not see a return on investment (ROI) right away, you will in the long run if you deliver the right content to the right audience. You’re building relationships instead of connections when you consider your target audience’s needs.

Your social media profiles are incomplete.

Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter in our society — especially in the business world. Whether you’re speaking at a tradeshow in front of prospects and peers or promoting your products and services online, your company’s image sends a message to buyers. To enhance your MSP’s online presence, ensure that every profile section is filled out on all your company social media profiles. You’ll want to make sure that your messaging remains consistent across each platform to strengthen your brand awareness on social media. If you leave profile sections blank, your company page may come off as somewhat unprofessional to potential prospects. It could also make it hard for prospects to contact your MSP if you are missing key information like an email address or a phone number in your profile. If you aren’t making it as easy as possible for leads to contact you, you’re leaving money on the table.  

You’re lacking a content strategy.

Content creation can be a full-time job. A lot of work goes into developing the right content for your target audience. For example, do you have someone who can create graphics for holidays and promotions? What about someone who can cut short videos? If you have a blog, do you have someone who can write about your industry? If you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of content creation, check out Powered Services Pro. We offer fully customizable monthly marketing campaigns to ensure you are posting current and updated content each month.

After creating content, it’s time to publish it, which requires a plan. If you don’t have a content calendar, create one and delegate the task of updating it regularly. Your calendar should include your objectives, the status of content, due dates, etc. Whatever you need to ensure that the process of publishing content is seamless should be included. If you are looking for social media posting assistance, Powered Services Pro also offers Done-4-U 2.0, where our team will schedule pre-made posts on your social media platforms on your behalf each month.

If you haven’t tackled the above challenges, start today. Social media makes a big difference in the long run when you have a strategy in place and deliver value to your community.

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