Kaseya for Hospitality

With Kaseya, companies in the hospitality industry can improve IT service quality and reliability to enhance customer experience and loyalty

Streamline and Automate IT Monitoring and Management for Hospitality

Whether for a hotel, restaurant, or entertainment company, IT services plays a vital role in customer service and loyalty. With increased self-service in a digital landscape, your IT challenges are only growing in complexity. Kaseya enables you to balance the economics of IT service and the cost of maintaining excellent customer experience:

  • Monitor and manage all devices, including self-service kiosks, in-room tablets, check-in stations, and property management systems, in a single console
  • Fast, reliable remote endpoint management even over high latency networks or behind firewalls
  • Identify and resolve IT issues before they cascade into crises

Complete Audit and Asset Inventory Information

Information seems to be everywhere, but never where you need it. Don’t spend time manually cobbling together reports from different systems. Kaseya automatically collects and updates information from all devices – including ones that non-hospitality people have never heard of.

  • Discover and audit every device and service wherever they are, with full operational details
  • Easily fulfill scheduled and ad hoc reporting needs
  • Make PCI compliance and audits a breeze with real-time infrastructure reporting

Improve Productivity and IT Services Quality

With its consolidated, centralized control console, Kaseya gives you full visibility into your entire distributed IT systems - including hybrid cloud and virtual and virtualized infrastructure. Customer satisfaction is always your top priority and, with Kaseya, you can identify and solve IT issues before customer are impacted.

  • Proactively identify systems that are nearing capacity or need an upgrade
  • Automate, schedule and enforce patch management to minimize network, application and security impact
  • Quick, reliable remediation and root cause analysis
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Kaseya’s proactive approach gives us more time to focus on our clients’ needs.”

Inflexion delivers managed services to SMBs focusing on converting physical to virtual server conversions using VMware. Kaseya automation dramatically reduces the time and engineering support needed to monitor and manage client environments. Using as many Kaseya capabilities as possible, Inflexion is very proactive, frequently resolving issues before clients become aware of them.

CHAD MENARD, Senior Systems Engineer

With Kaseya the only limitations are the confines of your imagination.”

Kaseya’s Automation Platform now underpins Knowledge I.T’s flagship OneTouch service to monitor and manage the networks of its 70 plus managed service customers. The Kaseya system has allowed Knowledge I.T to transform its service from reactive, to truly proactive network monitoring – enabling the MSP to identify and rectify incidents before any service disruption occurs.

Mike Hoy
Service Director, Knowledge I.T