Kaseya Traverse

Utilize the industry’s leading cloud-based monitoring and management platform for your environment. Kaseya Traverse enables you to get to the bottom of problems quickly via root cause analysis, across cloud, on premise, hybrid cloud, virtualized and distributed IT environments. Kaseya Traverse provides unique Service Containers for easy mapping of IT infrastructure to supported IT services, service level agreement management and, predictive analytics for smart, contextual monitoring.

Kaseya Traverse comes with out-of-the-box device fingerprints which synthesize and provide intelligent information about the infrastructure automatically, enabling the solution to start delivering value immediately. Kaseya Traverse also offers advanced system learning, based on behavioral analytics, to detect normal patterns based on time of day, day of the week and month, and time of year. System behavior is seen in context of these patterns, so that only true anomalies raise an alert.

Traverse also provides built-in network configuration management so organizations can backup and restore the configuration of managed network devices and alert on changes. Each backup can be compared to previous versions pinpointing changes remotely without the need for the administrator to log into each device.

Traverse Architecture Diagram

Kaseya Traverse provides enterprise level monitoring for all aspects of the IT environment. This includes applications, databases, network infrastructure, data center equipment, servers, VoIP, and more. Traverse delivers ITIL compliant SLM functionality through the industry recognized Service Container technology. Kaseya Traverse offers a service-centric view of a company’s distributed, cloud and datacenter infrastructure, mapping business services to the underlying IT infrastructure components that support them. With Kaseya Traverse, users can pinpoint which business services or groups are affected by network, server or application problems. Identified issues are proactively remediated, and powerful, intuitive reporting enables the right individuals to make the right decisions at the right time. Service Level Agreement (SLA) dashboards provide real-time updates on SLAs of business services and infrastructure components, and graphical NetFlow reports offer insights into traffic patterns related to specific applications and services.


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