Diving into Kaseya DattoCon 2023: Fred Voccola’s Keynote and Day 1 Highlights

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, Kaseya DattoCon 2023 kicked off in sunny Miami, the home of Kaseya. The sold-out event welcomed 3,500 guests in the managed services space to a series of engaging sessions, exhibits and events that delivered valuable insights and strategies aimed at helping MSPs grow and streamline their efforts.

Day one of the event set the stage for an inspiring week that centered around innovation and the promise of new technology in the MSP realm. Below are highlights from Day one of Kaseya DattonCon 2023.

CEO Fred Voccola’s keynote: a year of progress and the road ahead

In the opening keynote of Kaseya DattoCon 2023, CEO Fred Voccola shared the remarkable journey of the past year since Kaseya and Datto joined forces. About a year has passed since this significant merger took place, and the company has made substantial strides. One notable achievement is the tripling of R&D investment, a testament to Kaseya’s commitment to driving innovation.

Last year marked the first interaction with the Datto customer community, shortly after acquiring Datto. DattoCon in Miami was an ambitious endeavor, striving to become the largest DattoCon event to date, with an impressive turnout of 3,500 attendees. This was a substantial accomplishment, considering that the event facilities were not initially designed for such a large crowd, having sold out six to eight weeks in advance.

Fred Voccola emphasized the strong link between the success of Kaseya and that of MSPs. He conveyed the company’s readiness to receive feedback, even when it is critical, as this feedback is essential to strengthen their relationship with MSPs. This mutual benefit underscores a driving principle at Kaseya: “We succeed when you succeed.”

Objectives of the merger

The merger between Kaseya and Datto was undertaken with clear objectives in mind. These objectives serve as guiding principles for the combined company’s direction and actions:

1. Accelerate innovation

One of the primary goals is to push the boundaries of innovation. Kaseya and Datto have added over 300 engineers to the company, expanding their capabilities to create more groundbreaking solutions. They’ve launched over 400 “killer features” across various platforms, with a focus on delivering tangible value to customers and partners. Notably, they have relaunched Datto Networking and successfully integrated all Datto products into IT Complete, Kaseya’s comprehensive suite of offerings. As a result, Kaseya has been able to lower pricing on average by 15%, setting them apart from other vendors who have raised their prices.

2. Datto-ify MSP experience

From the outset, Kaseya recognized the importance of understanding and integrating the unique aspects of Datto’s operation within the MSP community. In the first three months of the acquisition, the company delved deep into how Datto operated and sought to incorporate as much of that valuable knowledge as possible into their own operations. A tangible example of this integration is the transformation of the Datto Partner Program into the Kaseya Partner Program, with leadership from Datto contributing to maintaining cultural continuity. The infusion of Datto culture and product engineering expertise into Kaseya’s operations extends to leadership roles and task forces.

3. Unified partner experience

Prior to the merger, many Datto and Kaseya partners were using various elements of both platforms. By bringing these elements together, Kaseya aimed to create a more unified and streamlined experience for partners. This integration extends to the automation of various tasks and the simplification of the partner experience. One significant undertaking has been the integration of billing systems to provide a unified, straightforward and easily consumable invoicing experience. While there have been some hiccups along the way, Kaseya is actively working to resolve these issues, with the goal of providing a “kick-ass” experience by the end of the year.

Kaseya’s commitment to MSPs is evident in their significant investments, amounting to about $15 billion, to build a platform that empowers MSPs to achieve unprecedented success. It’s an exciting time to be part of the MSP industry, particularly considering the evolving digital transformation landscape.

IT Complete guiding principles

In his keynote, Fred Voccola also introduced four essential principles that underpin IT Complete, Kaseya’s comprehensive suite of offerings designed to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and streamline their operations. These principles are: Complete, Integrated, Intelligent and Affordable.

1. Complete

The “Complete” component of IT Complete signifies its ability to provide all the necessary software tools and modules required to deliver a wide range of managed services to customers while efficiently administering MSP operations. Currently, IT Complete comprises about 40 modules, each addressing a specific aspect of managed services.

During this section of his keynote, Fred announced a new component of IT Complete: M365 Management. Datto RMM is now seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, making managing tenants easier than ever.

Fred also revealed an exciting new data backup feature centered on accommodating the dynamic and ever-changing requirements of customers: FLEXspend for Backup. FLEXspend gives MSPs complete flexibility in adjusting their backup spend to whatever configuration is required as they shift workloads to the public cloud, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and beyond.

2. Integrated

The “Integrated” principle focuses on ensuring that the various components of IT Complete work seamlessly together. Integration eliminates issues associated with vendor fatigue and disjointed workflows. Kaseya One serves as the unified management portal within IT Complete, providing single sign-on, simplified billing and enhanced commercial experiences. This integration also facilitates growth management, streamlines merger and acquisition (M&A) activities with the M&A concierge, and simplifies financial complexity with RevLINK, a licensing tool connecting client revenue to software expenditures.

Kaseya recognizes that integrating more than 1,300 tools allows for the creation of efficient and error-reducing automation. The engineering team’s primary focus for the next 36 months is on enhancing workflow integrations, enabling MSPs to work more efficiently.

3. Intelligent

The “Intelligent” aspect incorporates AI-driven insights and automation. Cooper Insights leverages AI data to guide platform usage effectively, with an average of 31 Cooper Insights per user. Now, Kaseya is proud to present its second application leveraging the Cooper AI Engine: Cooper Bots. This business process automation solution harnesses the power of workflow integrations and AI assistance to act on behalf of our partners. With just a click, Cooper Bots can autonomously handle hundreds of repetitive, labor-intensive tasks typically assigned to technicians. The release schedule for Cooper Bots is slated for the end of 2023 and early 2024, and the feature will be offered to partners free of charge.

4. Affordable

Kaseya is committed to affordability, charging a fraction of what competitors do. The goal is to make technology accessible to a wide range of MSPs, ensuring that it is not cost-prohibitive. “ProfitFuel” is an initiative within IT Complete designed to make MSPs the most profitable, automated, and successful in the industry. It requires only four hours of your time to understand the benefits of moving to the IT Complete stack, and partners can contact their Account Manager (AM) to get started.

CPO Ranjan Singh’s State of the Nation: Kaseya & Datto Product Innovation

In his session titled “State of the Nation: Kaseya and Datto Product Innovation,” Ranjan Singh, Chief Product Officer at Kaseya, shared crucial insights from Kaseya’s 2023 Global MSP Benchmark Survey, emphasizing the challenges faced by MSPs.

Key challenges

The survey highlighted that MSPs grapple with significant challenges, with Cybersecurity and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) topping the list. Other notable challenges include Supporting Remote Work and Meeting Audit & Compliance Requirements.

Dominant themes

Three major themes emerged from the survey:

  • Automation: MSPs seek efficiency through automation.
  • Cybersecurity: An increasing number of clients face cyberattacks, making security a top priority.
  • Integration: Integration between core applications is crucial for streamlining processes.

Kaseya’s Solution: IT Complete

Kaseya’s “IT Complete” platform, built on four core principles (Complete, Integrated, Intelligent, Affordable), offers solutions to address these challenges. Over the past year, Kaseya has continually invested in expanding the platform, introducing new suites, modules, features, integrations, and Cooper Insights. Here’s a concise recap of the highlights:

1. Datto RMM & M365 Integration

A game-changer in the RMM space, Datto RMM’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 has set it apart. Clients have embraced this innovation for its convenience and efficiency.

2. Datto RMM Web Remote

The introduction of Datto RMM Web Remote has streamlined the connection between RMM and Autotask, saving technicians valuable time and reducing frustration.

3. BCDR Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

This offering ensures data safety and provides peace of mind, a vital element in today’s digital landscape.

4. One-Click Disaster Recovery

For MSPs and their clients, one-click disaster recovery has become synonymous with confidence and readiness.

5. BCDR Hero Reports

These reports are a powerful tool, combining data from multiple IT Complete modules. They enable MSPs to vividly demonstrate the value of their services to their clients.

6. EDR and Ransomware Rollback

The introduction of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) was followed by an invaluable feature: Ransomware Rollback. This addition has enhanced EDR capabilities and is being incorporated into Datto RMM and VSA.

7. Datto Networking Advancements

Datto Networking has raised the bar with a new line of switches and the rollout of its cloud-managed Secure Edge SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution. These enhancements offer improved network control and security.

8. Autotask Integrated Billing

Simplifying MSP billing, Autotask Integrated Billing automates the process, eliminating manual tasks and streamlining operations.

9. Autotask Integrated Ticketing

Automation takes center stage as Datto introduces ticketing integration with Autotask for various modules. Graphus, Datto Workplace, Datto File Protection, ConnectBooster – all are doubling down on automation for seamless billing and ticketing within Autotask.

Ranjan Singh’s session served as a powerful testament to Datto and Kaseya’s unwavering commitment to delivering world-class innovations in IT management. With these cutting-edge tools and features, MSPs and IT professionals can navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence, efficiency and peace of mind.

Unlocking the Secrets of Innovation with Reggie Fils-Aimé

At his session, “The Innovator’s Rulebook for Breaking the Rules,” Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former President and COO of Nintendo of America Inc., shared invaluable insights into disruptive innovation. While he may not be an IT executive, his 40+ years of industry-shaping experience make him a true disruptor. Here’s a condensed recap of his key principles:

1. Disruptive innovation is a culture, a mindset and consistent work

Reggie emphasized that innovation isn’t the sole responsibility of a select few. It’s a culture that every member of an organization should embrace. Drawing from Nintendo’s history, he showcased how even a playing card company in 1889 could evolve into a global gaming giant through consistent innovation.

2. Disrupt inside out from core strengths

Innovation should stem from a clear understanding of your core strengths. Reggie illustrated this with Panda Express, which expanded from full-service restaurants to high-traffic locations while preserving its commitment to high-quality Pan Asian food.

3. Disrupt with unexpected relevance

To truly disrupt, deliver something unexpected and relevant to your customers. Guinness, known for its pub experience, innovatively brought creamy pub-style stout to homes with a nitrogen-infused can—a groundbreaking idea two decades ago.

4. Disruptors need to overcommunicate with all constituents

Communication is key to innovation. By ensuring that everyone understands your vision, you gain support and alignment. Reggie highlighted the importance of “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “Blue Ocean Strategy” in guiding innovation.

5. Disruptors truly need to understand their markets

Understanding your market is crucial. Reggie revealed how Nintendo shifted the game industry’s focus from horsepower to user-friendliness and innovation with the Nintendo DS and Wii, both hugely successful.

6. Disruptors fail – learn to fail forward

Failures are opportunities to learn and grow. Reggie admitted the Wii U’s shortcomings led to the revolutionary Nintendo Switch, on the verge of surpassing the PS2 in sales.

7. Disruptive Innovation Requires Leadership

Leadership plays a pivotal role in innovation. Reggie recounted the decision to bundle Wii Sports with the Wii, a move that defined the console’s success.

Reggie’s principles provide a roadmap for innovation in all types of businesses. By applying these lessons and examples, MSPs can embrace disruption and bring fresh perspectives to their clients’ businesses, enhancing their own success in the process.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Kaseya DattoCon 2023!


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