How to Create a Powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As you may be aware, the managed service provider (MSP) industry is highly competitive these days, with everyone from novices to seasoned veterans providing IT support. Unfortunately, even the best MSPs might lack a unique selling proposition (USP) and use cliched slogans (#1 IT service provider in X city) that appear to be the same as every other MSP trying to top the search results.

This is a rookie mistake. Here’s why:

MSPs with poor USPs appear to be just another IT service provider, making it difficult to sell their services. While you may be providing high-quality service compared to your peers, it won’t matter if your prospect is unaware of the same.

Consider these three essential elements when crafting your MSP value proposition: 

1. Know your client

Identifying your target audience simplifies communication with them. To put it another way, knowing who you’re selling to will help you determine what to say.

Develop a profile of your ideal customer (for example, a small healthcare provider with fewer than 50 employees seeking HIPAA compliance solutions) and then tailor your value proposition to appeal to them.

Consider the customers who would most benefit from your service and sell to them. However, make sure your marketing efforts aim to distinguish your company in their eyes.

For instance, if you know that your target audience is opting for low-quality services due to low cost, address this issue and justify how your offering will benefit their company more and how it is far superior to their current provider.

Your USP should be directly related to the needs or frustrations of the target audience, making differentiation a lot easier.

2. Fine-tune your differentiator

Clearly communicate the core differentiator of your service to your customer. For this, think back to when you started your MSP with the goal of filling a market gap.

For example, maybe you witnessed too many primary care practices being unfairly penalized for HIPAA violations that could have been avoided. If that’s the case, your USP could be something like “Assisting Primary Care Practices in Demonstrating HIPAA Compliance.”

Examine several crucial areas, such as your service quality, customer experience and pricing, to determine what makes you unique. To fine-tune your differentiator, ask critical questions like: 

• Why should a customer collaborate with your MSP instead of a competitor? 
• What do you have to offer that a competitor doesn’t? 
• Can you provide a level of service that no other MSP can match?

If you are targeting national or international markets, leave out limiters such as the city, state or region in which you operate.

3. Use multiple mediums to communicate your USP

Regardless of whether you communicate it through your website, podcast or social media campaign, your USP should drive the growth of your business and marketing strategy.

Your USP should be compelling enough to pique people’s interest whether it’s presented via video, audio or text. Make sure your public persona and actions clearly reflect the USP you’re attempting to communicate.

Remember that changing your unique selling proposition frequently is not a good idea, but it is vital to keep your USP relevant. Always keep an eye out for changes in trends or competition that could weaken your USP.

If you want to create a comprehensive campaign around your USP, here’s a systematic process. For more information on how one company doubled its revenue by developing a great USP, click here.

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