How MSPs Can Leverage the Intel vPro® and Kaseya VSA Integration

Managed service providers, systems integrators and other organizations reliant on managing distributed endpoints and workforces now have a huge opportunity to improve operational efficiencies and workplace experiences. Additionally, they can strengthen security, lower costs and reduce IT complexity by using a modern, unified solution for remote management and monitoring (RMM).

According to research from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group on technology spending intentions in 2023, the three top reasons respondents believe their organizations’ IT environments have become more complex in the past two years are:

  • The increase in remote and hybrid work
  • The changing cybersecurity landscape
  • The increase in the number and types of endpoint devices

Given these more complex environments, MSPs and other service providers can derive significant competitive advantage by streamlining and centralizing remote management for their own IT teams while also ensuring a robust and secure RMM experience for their customers.

When it comes to delivering an efficient, cost-effective, simple and secure RMM solution, the partnership between Intel vPro® and Kaseya VSA offers benefits other solutions can’t match. With Intel vPro integration, VSA can now remotely discover and manage any Intel vPro-enabled asset. This makes it easier than ever for MSPs to get started with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) and enables VSA to function as a truly unified solution for centralized RMM from a single dashboard.

Benefits of the Intel vPro and VSA integration

One of the most common and highly valuable use cases for the integrated Intel vPro and VSA solution is remote patching. VSA now leverages Intel vPro’s power control, alarm clock, remote secure-erase and configuration information capabilities. Through power control and alarm clock capabilities in Intel EMA, VSA customers can turn on an Intel vPro-enabled device, patch it and turn it back off — all without disrupting the user. This security protection is crucial at a time when most ransomware attacks are the result of outdated software with known vulnerabilities.

The partnership also enables more granular management of devices on home networks to support better user experiences and stronger security protections for remote and hybrid workers. VSA customers can now boot devices to BIOS, remote access a BitLocker bluescreen and remote control out-of-band hardware, such as keyboard, video and mouse.

A critical benefit of the integration: It is available at no extra cost to VSA customers, helping to lower the overall cost of endpoint operations. Additional cost savings come through increased productivity. MSPs can expect to gain two hours of productivity per month from IT teams while improving the endpoint-to-technician ratio by 15%. IT professionals can now seamlessly manage all Intel vPro devices with VSA — whether the IT environment comprises a single endpoint or 100,000 endpoints.

Taking the next step

At a time when MSPs and other service providers are looking to increase their efficiency and improve security, the partnership between Intel vPro and Kaseya VSA is an important step forward in remote management and monitoring.

MSPs can ensure that all on- and off-network devices — regardless of operating system state — can be remotely and securely managed without the hassle of adding more solutions to the security suite.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from the Intel vPro and Kaseya VSA integration by visiting us here.

To learn more about Intel vPro and Kaseya Patch Management Solutions, check out this video.

This content was commissioned by Intel and Kaseya, and originally produced by TechTarget Inc.

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