2020 IT Vision - Network Visualization

Network Visualization: Identify & Resolve IT Incidents Faster

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Even 99.9% (“3 nines”) system availability means your system could be down for 8.76 hours per year. This is precisely why system availability or uptime is a key metric for all IT teams.

Several factors affect system availability, including cyberattacks, hardware failure and network performance issues. However, defining and measuring system availability for IT services can be much more complex, especially since it depends on how many users are affected to begin with.

It’s important to identify and resolve IT incidents as quickly as possible to maintain system availability. Having complete visibility of your IT network is the first step in the process while utilizing your endpoint management tool to troubleshoot issues is another critical component.

Attend this webinar to learn all about:

  • IT System Availability Metrics
  • The Power of Network Visualization
  • Streamlined Workflows to Leverage Remote Management Capabilities