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BMS and Integrated Workflows with VSA and IT Glue


MERIT Solutions is a managed services provider in the Hampton Roads area. The company’s major clientele comprises small businesses operating with 10-200 endpoints.


Merit Solutions
Hampton Roads


Founded back in 1982, the company has been in operation for about 38 years and specializes in providing its clients with enterprise-level IT services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.

From servers and network infrastructure to computers, workstations and mobile devices, MERIT Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for all their clients’ technology needs.

The way the three tools — VSA, BMS and IT Glue are integrated and work with one another gives our team a great toolset to boost efficiency and save time." Larry RobertsonPartner, MERIT Solutions


  • Managing IT infrastructure while working remotely amid a pandemic
  • Ensuring consistency of data and preventing data loss
  • Boosting efficiency and technician productivity

Larry Robertson joined MERIT Solutions as a partner three years ago when his MSP merged with another. The company operates with a technical staff of six that manages a sizeable pool of 3,000 endpoints.

MERIT Solutions is a proud user of Kaseya solutions. The company uses all major Kaseya solutions including VSA, BMS, IT Glue, RapidFire Tools and ID Agent.

BMS, VSA and IT Glue — Better Together for Merit Solutions

Seamless integration of critical workflows, such as VSA, BMS and IT Glue, makes for the core MSP stack that managed services providers should leverage to increase efficiency, boost productivity and save time.

Highlighting the importance of workflow integration, Larry says, “The synchronization strategy is very important for us. Now that we understand how the synchronization of data is carried out, it has opened up a whole different world for us.”

He further adds, “We don’t have a help desk but a highly technical service desk where our, technical staff has the freedom to perform all kinds of actions within the Kaseya framework. We have hundreds of scripts and procedures for the convenience of our technicians. With the integration of workflows, our technicians can work in the interface of their choice. The integration of VSA, BMS and IT Glue provides our technicians the freedom to go back and forth on tickets, quickly access information and manage ticketing in real time. That’s a huge benefit, especially during a crisis situation such as the current pandemic that has forced our entire staff to work remotely.”

Talking about how integration with IT Glue has proved beneficial for his business, Larry says, “Ever since we implemented IT Glue we really hit our stride, it is rare to find that we’re missing data. If we do, it’s almost always because the data is associated with either a new client or a legacy client that we haven’t had any interaction with in a long time. IT Glue is the line in the sand of documentation for us.


  • Workflow integration of VSA, BMS and IT Glue allows technicians to manage the entire IT environment from a single pane of glass.
  • Workflow integration facilitates real-time documentation of every activity, regardless of the interface being used.
  • Workflow integrations of VSA, BMS and IT Glue saves a lot of time spent switching between applications — boosting productivity, increasing efficiency and saving precious technician time.

The technicians at MERIT Solutions rely heavily on Live Connect and other services such as scripting, audits, views in VSA. Larry reiterates, “Given the intelligent integration of the three tools (VSA, BMS and IT Glue) and the way they work in tandem with one another, it provides our guys with a powerful toolset to perform their regular IT tasks more accurately and efficiently.”

It is worthwhile to note that you need to own both the integration plug points to leverage the maximum benefits of workflow integration and maintain security of your systems and networks, which Kaseya does.