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Sephno Systems Leverages the Kaseya IT Complete Platform to Unlock Business Growth and Success in the Cybersecurity Space


Sephno is a leading MSP specializing in cybersecurity in the San Diego region. The company has achieved record growth and success over the past couple of years, establishing their brand in the cybersecurity space on the back of Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. Over their two-year partnership with Kaseya, Sephno has adopted numerous premium solutions like IT Glue, Network Detective Pro, VSA and BMS while building a strong security stack with Dark Web ID, Graphus, BullPhish ID, Datto EDR, RocketCyber and VulScan.

We sat down with Xavier King, Sephno’s Security Officer, who shared the game-changing impact Kaseya’s IT Complete platform has had on their business and growth. A self-educated programmer, Xavier wears multiple hats while leading a team of seven technicians at Sephno to provide top-notch IT services to customers across the U.S. Xavier’s unwavering passion for excellent customer service has put him in the driver’s seat for discovering new service opportunities for Sephno to continually enhance their clients’ security and infrastructure sophistication.

One of Sephno’s biggest accomplishments was becoming SOC II compliant on their first attempt, making a big mark for themselves in the cybersecurity space. Doubling down on Kaseya’s IT Complete platform allowed Sephno to seriously streamline their operations and pump significant cost savings back into their business. This enabled them to look at expanding into the neighboring market of Mexico. With a high-performance, low-cost stack of Kaseya solutions now configured, Sephno is currently focused on strengthening their help desk center through training and certification via Kaseya University.


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Sephno is an IT services and consulting business based in San Diego, with SMB clients of all shapes and sizes. They boast a remote-friendly stack that allows them to service a roster of clients across the U.S. — from Southern California to Chicago, New York, Miami and beyond — through their satellite locations. By leveraging Kaseya technology to provide a huge catalog of IT and security management services, Sephno is at the forefront of helping businesses grow digitally. They are especially well known for leveraging cutting-edge security tools, with a focus on eliminating downtime and securing client data.

"The cost savings from moving our stack over to Kaseya has allowed us to do so much more than we could have done previously. Having our tools connected has made training significantly easier, faster and more efficient." Xavier KingSecurity Officer at Sephno


For dynamic and forward-thinking MSPs like Sephno, striking a delicate balance between driving business growth and providing a high level of service is equally art and science. In an effort to become a cybersecurity market leader, Sephno initially focused on creating a cost-effective and seamless technology stack to support growth. However, an influx of day-to-day tickets prevented their technicians from working on high-value projects, which ultimately stalled their progress. Relentless in their pursuit of success, Sephno decided to address the ticket influx gap by further leveraging integrated solutions within the Kaseya IT Complete platform to streamline their operations. Their investment in automation paid off, and within a few short months, they were able to significantly increase the speed (and subsequent value) of their service delivery and establish themselves as a true market leader.


With multiple, integrated solutions boasting unlimited scale, Kaseya’s IT Complete platform was a perfect fit for Sephno. The company’s ever-expanding arsenal of Kaseya security solutions has solidified their reputation as one of the most preferred IT security providers in the U.S. Xavier emphasized the unparalleled value of Kaseya’s RocketCyber, a 24/7 SOC service, in enhancing their security approach. By leveraging RocketCyber’s proactive threat management capabilities, Sephno has not only reduced the workload for their team but also demonstrated the value of service to their clients. By combining RockeyCyber with Datto SaaS Protection, Datto SaaS Defense, Datto EDR, Dark Web ID and BullPhish ID, Sephno can now confidently go to market with a comprehensive protection offer against ransomware, malware and other emerging cyberthreats.

Another benefit Sephno has taken advantage of with their robust security stack is Kaseya’s Cyber Insurance Fast Track program. This innovative program gives those Kaseya customers who have adopted five core security solutions (Dark Web ID, BullPhish ID, Datto EDR, RocketCyber and Datto SaaS Defense or Graphus) automatic pre-approval of cyber liability insurance with one of the top U.S. providers at a fraction of the market rate — without the need to fill out oodles of paperwork. It’s been a great way to extend additional value to their clients without a lift of any kind on either side.

On the operations side of the house, Sephno adopted Kaseya’s powerful one-two punch of highly integrated RMM and IT documentation solutions, VSA and IT Glue. Xavier noted that upgrading to VSA version 10 in mid-2023 was nothing short of exceptional for the company, stating, “The clean, intuitive and user-friendly interface has positively impacted our team’s ability to perform tasks more efficiently.” He also emphasized how critical IT Glue has been in organizing Sephno’s operations.

To tie all of their Kaseya solutions together, Sephno leverages KaseyaOne — essentially the back end of IT Complete — where the company has enabled single sign-on, allowing their team to navigate to and from all of their Kaseya products via a single click. KaseyaOne is also where the Sephno team members go for product training, consolidated support, billing and new feature notifications for all of the Kaseya products they subscribe to.


Having personally witnessed Sephno’s transformation from an everyday MSP to a leading IT security provider in just two short years, Xavier is the first to admit that the gamble Sephno made in investing in Kaseya has paid off big time. “There is no other provider who even comes close to giving us the ability to streamline our operations through cross-platform workflow integrations and providing top-notch IT security services to our clients,” says King. “If it weren’t for Kaseya, we would likely still be a middle-of-the-road MSP, with increasingly unhappy technicians buried under an overload of tickets and unchecked security threats,” he added.

Xavier also has a solid grasp on quantifying Sephno’s service delivery improvements through Kaseya, noting that what started as saving seven minutes per day, per technician, quickly translated into over 20 hours per month. In addition to time savings, Xavier is quick to point out that the back-office efficiencies Sephno established also translated into hard savings. By decreasing expenses and improving efficiency at the same time, Sephno was able to more than double its growth rate, giving them the ability to invest newfound savings back into the company by hiring new staff and increasing the scope of their services.

Last, but not least, Xavier cites the benefits of being part of the Kaseya family as a constant catalyst to Sephno’s success. Attending Kaseya events and conferences, like Kaseya Connect Global and DattoCon, has helped the Sephno team stay on top of the latest market trends and maintain a competitive edge. He also credits the active care and attention Sephno is provided by their Kaseya account manager for the company’s ongoing success.

“For those who question the Kaseya Kool-Aid, you’re missing out. Kaseya is a little bit like the Borg. Every time you turn your head, they’ve assimilated something new.” Xavier KingSecurity Officer at Sephno